Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cybertroll Evan Iliadis admits he doesn't know me !

Since a few years I am "followed" and "harrassed" by an apparently deranged Cyberstalker named Evan Iliadis.

The Cyber Harrasser Evan Iliadis in his rotary outfit
when he was still active in Rotary Club Tagbilaran City,
another"subject" he lambasts with his blogs.

It all started relatively harmless, I contacted him in "facebook" to find out some proofs for his extreme harsh allegation against some foreigners living in the Philippines.

I did not knew those foreigners, most were not even living in Cebu or the Philippines any more, but I saw some of them participating in an Internet forum I joined a few months before. (Dec2010 to be exact, my first ever Forum Participation, I never had an Internet Connection before)

In his blogs he accused that forum to be a host of bad people (I do not want to repeat the mostly false accusation), an opinion, which I could not share as they all appeared pretty normal to me.

However, after the usual "introductory small talk" between civilized people I did ask him for further 'evidence" of criminal behavior. In particular of the person who owns that forum. (The entire conversation has never been posted by Evan Iliadis, as he always edits and even falsifies his blog entries).

He told me he would send me some, but nothing followed. So I forgot about him and his unkept promises.
The forum did not show any posts of wrong doing or criminal behavior, and even Mr. Iliadis, "my" Cyberstalker, did (until today!) not send any proof of any of his allegations.

However, a few weeks later Mr. Iliadis suddenly started to publish lies and allegations against MY person in his nonsense blogs, which lead to renewed facebook conversations.

And apparently he DID react and took his first initial "blog" off and even posted a retraction and apology.
But only for a week or so, then he started again.

Not that he does accuse me of anything in particular, he simply makes up all those lies and somewhat it is really funny...

The best part is, that he actually ADMITS  that he does not know me at all. I got an email from one of his former "Informers" , or better said, an entire "string" of conversations between them about me...

Here is the screenshot of the email
Original email communication from a former "friend" of Mr.Iliadis.

As one can see, his hate is against the Forum Owner, Paul, and he does not have anything in particular against me at all.  

More important - He admits that he know nothing really about me and has nothing to link me with any wrong doing !!!

So- the Cyberstalker Mr.Iliadis felt that it is time to "lambast" me... 

Interesting view into the sick "soul" of a cyberstalker

Another interesting aspect though is the latter part of the email, where he starts to lie to his ( then still) "friend"  - albeit absolutely unnecessary in the context of the conversation.

One can see the actual facebook conversations in another window and look at his email to his (then still) "friend".

I call him a friend ? 
I sent messages 5 times a day ?
Begging him to restore my name ?
What does this Cyberstalker thinks he is ?
And where are all those revelations in the facebook conversation he is referring to?

Apparently Mr.Iliadis already has some troubles with the truth there. Which is, as I found out later, a normal pattern. Evan Iliadis is a pathological Liar. He can not help it.
Mr.Iliadis is apparently very very  troubled.

But this will be in another Post with more emails from the Cyberstalker himself.

Thank you
Guenther Vomberg


  1. There are some really crazy people out there in the World, brod.
    Never mind that madman, if he has fun with it, let him be.
    I would not give 2cents worth on his World of Fantasy.

  2. I can see this Evan person has attacked many people in a very similar way. He is obviously someone not well in the head.

  3. Evan continues to weave a web of false hoods claiming all sorts of nonsense. His latest works of fiction are.

    "They all met through my several blogs I maintain on the internet in combatting prostitution and human trafficking in the S/E Asia, particularly in the Philippines, where serious accusations about the practice within the expat community went by never prosecuted, corruption and collaboration of crooked officials oblige. I had no other choice than appeal to good people around the world for help in a “naming and shaming” campaign shaking the expat and sexpat community forcing them to erase entire blogs and forums, closing bar fines and bikini bars (brothels), deporting criminals and psychopaths out of the Philippines, removing their membership from boards puitting their web sites under private registrations.

    Finally! the Philippines National Police start paying attention, reading my blogs and arrested pimps and pedophiles operating out of the Philippines behind bogus “Call Centers“ and other legitimate services on the surfaces, but behind close doors the real business was the now famous “sex dens” involving exposure of minors and forced into prostitution girls." Evan managed to type this series of falsehoods about himself without so much as a blush for his rampant dishonesty.

    Evan has never achieved any of the above claims which is why he has never been specific, he just generalizes.

    Oh by the way Evan, the reason you have yet again produced about your 300th web page this time with the help of the Russian mob is that your internet forums have been removed by discerning blog hosts who know you have lied and continue to do so. For this reason Evan faces court cases in various countries for his slander, lies defamation, identity theft and many more criminal acts.

    His defense on the basis of insanity is of course entirely plausible,.

  4. Interesting thing about Evan is how he loves to praise himself up,attacks people then acts the victim. Its a good sign of his "mental" state. As he is non consistent except with his constant ramblings. He must be a real joke amongst people who actually know him although doubt many people know him for long! He's certainly someone I would avoid.

  5. Adding to that Guenther - HE DOESNT KNOW ANY OF US!! His little fantasies rely on being on the internet he lacks a spine to face or deal with people directly. But then again he would then have to admit his stupidity and lies if he ever did.

  6. Evan Iliadis has proven himself to be nothing less than a wrathfully vindictive fabricator of deceit and lies, who willingly concocts venomous tabloid yellow-journalism and fabricate fallacies merely to try to add a few more pages to his refuge heap of deceitful website blogs. Evan Iliadis is merely a human dung-beetle who is mindlessly driven to continue pushing his ever growing ball of manure before him.

    Evan Iliadis is merely a sad twisted little pathetic troll of a man, who is far more deserving of pity, than he is of my anger. Evan Iliadis has probably lied and deceived so long that he has actually convinced himself of his own lies. Now he is just a mere shadow of what he might have once been, though I doubt that was ever very much, which is why he is such a fool. Evan Iliadis has become a goddless soul enslaved by his inner demons, trapped by his inner rage, and dammed to take all that evil with him to his grave. Karma awaits and the Devil will get his due, but the truths still be known in the end. You weep what you sow little man and both know just how low you actually measure.

    It reminds me of an old joke: Two are in an elevator, one fart, and they both know who did it.