Sunday, May 24, 2015

Evan Iliadis not only an internet troll but a life of failure.

When this video was originally made very little was known about Evan Iliadis due to well, nobody actually knew him we could find!
But it was a few months ago I was awaiting a work contract to begin that I managed to find a few things about Evan which showed what sort of person he was. Not that I have written or researched anything lately as it was while looking you could see :-

1. His retirement in France - Was a lie as he is still operating as a jobbing builder on his own.
2. The address he gave as his "home" was the same PO Box he uses for his, his wife's and the son's different self employed businesses. The coward couldn't even post his own address yet boasted it.

So what does this tell us? Well for someone who left the Philippines over a decade ago he is still bitter about his failings there. His retirement was a failure in the Philippines and even his Linkedin account boasting export and import business is fake. Its bad enough faking other people's information but he can't even manage to create value in his own.

Reality is that Evan Iliadis is a fraud in the fact he has achieved nothing and instead of taking it on the chin and being a man. He instead targets charities, Philippines expats and businesses in a negative cowardice way. He doesn't approach people in person in fact he hides as a coward. Anything he has said can be proven as false. Even down to every part of his own "boastful" life which are all figments of his imagination.

I will cut this article off here as simply I can't be bothered to take an interest these days in his sillyness. He's only got a few years to go and counting for a day of celebration on his passing.