Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Evan the builders labourer

It was while looking at Evan's "address" because I was going to pay him a visit it became apparent this "troll" is a typical coward. Boasting an address with come and get me attitude is basically because its a PO Box the address is at the local post office. As expected from a coward he couldn't even post this little bit of information.

But it gets more interesting as he talks about being retired and going for his mountain walks, but Evan why is it we find your still working? Your a construction labourer or should I say jobbing labourer the guy who comes and puts your gate back on, paints the spare room, fixes that broken window.

Sigh.. all this build up about your former business exploits and being an import/export expert and the reality is exactly what we thought! An unskilled worker and certainly not of supervisor status never mind being a business owner! Even if you did own that farm in Bohol (that you legally can't and is legally too big for your wife's family to own, which basically makes us think its actually a government project and you just went along for the day), you know nothing about exporting or anything else. Your life is a complete myth and fantasy, it also explains why that crappy car you loved so much means something to you where everyone else just seen an "old car".

Facts :-

1. Not a business owner but a basic labourer.
2. Never had a business in the Philippines so could never export / import.
3. No photos of merit because no photos exist, because there is nothing of merit.
4. Why he doesn't understand why others achieve things and complains its a "lie" is because Evan's never achieved anything himself and believe's he has a right to complain. If he didn't he would have to admit his life and himself as a failure.
5. His life in France is a cheap social housing apartment costing less than 300 euros a month.
6. HE IS NOT RETIRED - Cannot afford to retired and his business is still registered as operational.
7. Evan's son has followed in the family trait of becoming an unskilled worker, his mother a cleaner, Evan the labourer and the son a courier.
8. Coward colours shown again by giving a fake address to hide, yet we did find his real address and I have visited the location. It is an area of high unemployment and poor quality housing, in the UK we call it social housing.
9. 100% no life as his life revolves around being on the internet. This I have seen in the Philippines with expats with too much time, alcohol and no money to do anything else. EVAN has no money, too much time and bizarrely is obsessed about a country he cannot even afford to live in (the Philippines). Extremely sad individual.
10. His trolling is purely based on other peoples success and him having nothing in life to compare it to in achievements by himself. His whole life including marriage is a sham.