Who are the Friends of Evan Iliadis ?

Why called Friends ?

This is simple - because aside from his Blog victims he has no other Social contacts.
Hidden in his dark Apartment behind his MAC computer reading through thousands of thousands of Peoples Posts just to find the "Eureka- I could use this one" for my blog post. He has 10 facebook friends. Isn't that sad ?
Logically he projects his "status"upunto other People. Logical, because he can't even imagine that other people live different.
He simply does not know his targets. Never met them, never had any real contact.

Everything he writes is based upon the only knowledge he has.
His own Experience and/or fantasies.

He drags Information out of the Internet, often forges them into "new" and defaming one, although nobody really cares about it.

But of course other "normal" people around him, that includes his family, notice his strange behaviour.
But him sitting in the bedroom bend over his Computer is better then having the despoting Greek fat old man commanding the Family around.

He knows nobody else in the neighbourhood. Nobody wants to hang out with the weird person and his strange stories.
A person which openly blogs and writes long emails about his experience of having a simple Sunday walk with his family.
That must have been a unique experience for him :-)

He envies his targets... People which have a good and normal life. People which are "out there". People which have "a future". People which have "done" things in his life. People which have an education.
and most important PEOPLE WHICH HAVE FRIENDS.

because he has none...any more or never had is beyond our knowledge. Allwe couldfind out from his wife, his neighbours,the Pizzeria around the corner,The Brasserie where he shops, the Police Stations in his house etc...
Is that he is a lonely man who is very solitary and seldom"outside".
He does not even play Boule with the other pensioners or sits in the Cafe nearby.

All he does is "blog".
With great effort and difficulties as one can detect that the simplest sentence for him is a major task. Grammar, Orthography, Thesaurus, everything is very lousy.
So his blogs are actually funny.

If it would not be so sad...a lonely old man full of hate without knowing why...

Thats why we gave this blog the name "Friends of Evan Iliadis"-

maybe he realizes that we are all he has got.

The last company in his world of lies and missed opportunities.

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  1. The thought behind this page is rather amusing and pretty much it for Evan.

    Now the funny thing here is I have seen someone with a similar mental state as Evan has. They would listen to the noises of neighbours because of banging doors then bang the wall. The neighbours would then bang back and they would say "listen to them its like that every night!".

    But not realising it is them that had begun to go mad. Because it was them waiting for the neighbour to arrive, the sitting in the dark, the ear to the wall just to hear the knocks of doors closing or people laughing in the rooms next door.

    The banging went on for several years until their neighbours moved out and new neighbours moved in. But guess what the noise from the new neighbours was louder. Yet in reality it wasn't there was more ear pressing needed to find the symptoms of annoying neighbours.

    The eventual result was a complete mental breakdown, heavy medication and 24 hour mental care until they recovered. Many years on most things have ceased except for the heavy medication.

    You are now entering the world of Evan Iliadis, his blog life is like this. He writes false things about people then complains when they fire back at him proving him not only a liar but where he made false claims. His biggest fear of all though is being ignored completely because like the noise from the neighbours it was the banging on the wall that said "someone listens to me". But these days for Evan nobody does. Everyone see's him for what he is a washed up old fart with mental issues. Not just a stalker online but someone who has wasted their entire life to the point this is all he has.

    But unlike the banging neighbours banging back we can move on and stick in a bit of wall insulation and ignore him. He will still be banging away but like now he can no longer be heard and if anything people talk about "crazy Evan" as a joke.