Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Matt Wilkie on cyber stalker Evan Ilaidis

I originally came across Evan Iliadis over a year ago when I discovered that he had been stalking other Philippines expats. Initially I had a big question mark over his allegations about others which led me to investigate him more.

The more I delved into what Evan Iliadis the more I realised he was not only lying about people but seemed to be directing some anger and hate he had from his experiences on the Philippines islands. This was not because he hated and blamed the people that he writes about directly but because his wife and her family comes from the Bohol island of the Philippines he avoided conflict with people that he does despise. Because they do have the power to make the family life of Evan's wife very difficult or even dangerous.

This frustration led him to move on from targeting people he once befriended and trusted and the same likewise within the Rotary club and instead had to attack innocent expats. His belief is that there is corruption within the Rotary club yet he was managing the project so unsure how there could be corruption if he was the one controlling the project.

At the same time several people have accused Evan Iliadis to be involved in corrupt activities on Bohol which led him to flee the island. If this is true or not your asking the wrong people. Everyone here on this blog do not know Evan directly and only indirectly after he began abusing people online.

One thing I have learned about Evan Iliadis and the internet is that more should be done to protect people from people like Evan. There is not enough protection online and Evan like other cyber stalkers are like a virus. They move on from one person to another spreading their disease, they blame everyone for their problems except themselves and yet like most cyber stalkers he is pretty much unknown to the people he attacks.

The only thread between the people is a simple one they are all Philippines expats from around the globe. Nothing more nothing less, nothing illegal has been going on and like most people living in the Philippines they are living a normal life on a part of the planet they didn't originate from.

For whatever reason Evan Iliadis is targeting expats and as such I would recommend just supporting sites like this with a Google+ or a Facebook like to help promote awareness. People don't deserve this kind of harassment. Evan Iliadis is simply toxic on the internet.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tim Potter Speaks About Evan Iliadis

My Only Post about Cyber Stalker Evan Iliadis

You can visit the truth about me from there you can link out to my website.
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This is the first and only time I will talk about the Cyber Stalker Mr
Evan Iliadis.  I do not know this man a term I use very lightly.  This
man decided to invade the lives of people that live thousands of miles
away.  He has no mission in life with regards to problems that face
the Philippines. His mission in life is that to try and steal
happiness from people.  These people found happiness in the
Philippines a country that he left so many years ago.  I am not sure
as to the reasons he left.  I do know that this has made him bitter.
It has made him resent those that live here successfully and enjoying
life here.
Where did this all start for me.  I was on a forum and disagreed with
his assessment of a situation. He spouted non-factual things about an
individual.  Which were easily disproved.  He would then write about
these things as if they were fact.  I see it this way if you repeat
something to yourself enough then it becomes fact.  Though it only
becomes fact to yourself and no one else. I asked for proof these
claims he made.  Well to say the least there are none. The ones
provided to me were forged or photo shopped.  I would request from the
source the same documents and expose his lies.  He did not like this
and it bruised his delicate ego.  It would then morph into name
calling and then into published websites about me.  All of fiction.
Some of the fiction that he spread are so easily disproved. I am 44
years of age. Though he claims I am in my mid 50's. Claims I never
retired from the Marine Corps. Oddly enough it is exactly what I did
and so easily proven with a DD214. Claims I have a  AIDS or HIV well
not the case and per Marine Corp regulation was tested against it.
These lies continue abound.
He did get one thing correct I started or tried to create an internet
TV program for everyone's viewing.  I sought the help of a few people
to get this off the ground. I made no promises.  The program was
completed yet was very unstable. I spend $3,000 of my own money and
$1,000 dollars of investor money.  Which I returned $300 dollars of.
I do not think there is a person alive that would not take a risk or a
gamble if it was going to be a success.  This was not a situtation of
hit and run.  A product was produced and it just was not of quality to
mass produce.  There was no need for money but a love to share what I
had discovered.
What I find in the end is this is a miserable man with no life.  A man
that has self respect issues and just can not accept his life in the
Philippines was a failure.  So he goes about life trying to compensate
for these things.  Maybe one day he will grow up and be invited to sit
at the Big Boy table.  However his current mental state leads me to
believe otherwise. I do wish him the all the best in his misery.  Yet
at this point I think he is helpless as no one even considers him a
factor.  His senseless ramblings are of a man losing his mind not of a
sound well socially adjusted individual.  I would hope he gets some

The Pictures he Stole:

Tim Potter USMC Marine Corps Sugar Land Texas Tim-Zol
Tim Potter USMC Marine Corps Sugar Land Texas Tim-Zol
Tim Potter USMC Marine Corps Sugar Land Texas Tim-Zol

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cybertroll Evan Iliadis admits he doesn't know me !

Since a few years I am "followed" and "harrassed" by an apparently deranged Cyberstalker named Evan Iliadis.

The Cyber Harrasser Evan Iliadis in his rotary outfit
when he was still active in Rotary Club Tagbilaran City,
another"subject" he lambasts with his blogs.

It all started relatively harmless, I contacted him in "facebook" to find out some proofs for his extreme harsh allegation against some foreigners living in the Philippines.

I did not knew those foreigners, most were not even living in Cebu or the Philippines any more, but I saw some of them participating in an Internet forum I joined a few months before. (Dec2010 to be exact, my first ever Forum Participation, I never had an Internet Connection before)

In his blogs he accused that forum to be a host of bad people (I do not want to repeat the mostly false accusation), an opinion, which I could not share as they all appeared pretty normal to me.

However, after the usual "introductory small talk" between civilized people I did ask him for further 'evidence" of criminal behavior. In particular of the person who owns that forum. (The entire conversation has never been posted by Evan Iliadis, as he always edits and even falsifies his blog entries).

He told me he would send me some, but nothing followed. So I forgot about him and his unkept promises.
The forum did not show any posts of wrong doing or criminal behavior, and even Mr. Iliadis, "my" Cyberstalker, did (until today!) not send any proof of any of his allegations.

However, a few weeks later Mr. Iliadis suddenly started to publish lies and allegations against MY person in his nonsense blogs, which lead to renewed facebook conversations.

And apparently he DID react and took his first initial "blog" off and even posted a retraction and apology.
But only for a week or so, then he started again.

Not that he does accuse me of anything in particular, he simply makes up all those lies and somewhat it is really funny...

The best part is, that he actually ADMITS  that he does not know me at all. I got an email from one of his former "Informers" , or better said, an entire "string" of conversations between them about me...

Here is the screenshot of the email
Original email communication from a former "friend" of Mr.Iliadis.

As one can see, his hate is against the Forum Owner, Paul, and he does not have anything in particular against me at all.  

More important - He admits that he know nothing really about me and has nothing to link me with any wrong doing !!!

So- the Cyberstalker Mr.Iliadis felt that it is time to "lambast" me... 

Interesting view into the sick "soul" of a cyberstalker

Another interesting aspect though is the latter part of the email, where he starts to lie to his ( then still) "friend"  - albeit absolutely unnecessary in the context of the conversation.

One can see the actual facebook conversations in another window and look at his email to his (then still) "friend".

I call him a friend ? 
I sent messages 5 times a day ?
Begging him to restore my name ?
What does this Cyberstalker thinks he is ?
And where are all those revelations in the facebook conversation he is referring to?

Apparently Mr.Iliadis already has some troubles with the truth there. Which is, as I found out later, a normal pattern. Evan Iliadis is a pathological Liar. He can not help it.
Mr.Iliadis is apparently very very  troubled.

But this will be in another Post with more emails from the Cyberstalker himself.

Thank you
Guenther Vomberg

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cybertroll Evan Iliadis

Evan Iliadis is a pitiful character.
Bashing upon innocent People while slowly sitting in the waiting Room of GOD.
Estranged from Wife and family he looks back at his Life, and as some others in deep bitterness that his dreams did not materialized.

But what differs him from other elder people is that he aggressively attacks others which seem happier.
This also isn't a new syndrome, it is often observed throughout the history;

The lonely old pensioner on the park bench bitching about the children playing football "forbidden"on the Grass.

The bitter Old lady in the window writing down "parking violators" and calling the Police upon them.

The retired neighbour couple in an apartments block building writing letters to the Owner about the other tenants having "too many parties" or not throwing  their Garbage into the right recycling cans..
I'm alone...can't you see that ?

You follow me... this is exactly what Evan Iliadis is - a lonely bitter person "living out". The only meaning in his life - the chance to be "someone".

Even when in his case , it is just Imagination.

As a Cyber Troll he can pretend to be an "activist", a former 'French Legion hero", a "leader" of an international Group", a"Journalist", and "Exposer" ,a "Freemason" in his Fantasy but mainly actually only a "nuisance".

This is all he has got, his targets and his fantasies. If his Targets would "drop" him, he would be nothing any more and disappear into nothingness...Just as they did in the years before.

Until the next targets come into his Troll Radar. Then he can live again, get exited, connect dots and people, draw conclusions which are so bizarre only an extreme disturbed mind could agree with.....but ....for no audience.

He is just a Troll, and it worked fine for him for a few years, because he got some simple people on his Victim List, which rather gave up then engaging.

....but now his troll career is over.
Too much TRUTH's have been uncovered,to many OBVIOUS falsifications have been exposed and ... he got the wrong Targets. (As he admits himself)
Educated brilliant minds, young and still very active in their life - among them IT specialist, active bloggers, forum owners, REAL activists and popular civic volunteers. Not a good choice, maybe a bite to "large".

Because this Time he got sued and has committed criminal acts, he just don't know it yet. And will never know either.
But he can try and come to the Philippines or USA where the Authorities click the handcuffs on his wrists right at the Airport.
Because his clumsy fraudulent forgeries and perjury statements are real criminal acts.
But he may know that and does not plan to leave his smelly dark 2 bedroom flat anyhow for the rest of his Life.

So Pitiful...

Maybe someone can pass this self help blog to him:

Reducing bitterness, depression and anxiety in geriatric People

Certainly better then keep on being a criminal and getting his family into trouble.

Because his Sons certainly will not like to be connected with him,and his wife one day is also angry of crawling on her knees cleaning other peoples houses, while he is spending hundreds of Dollars for Domains, Websites and other Internet services.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Perhaps One's Tongue Is Too Firmly In Cheek?

The fact is, Evan Iliadis probably doesn't have any friends. Not real friends as you or I would consider people to be. People we trust and can relax with, share things with. Nobody can trust Evan, or relax around him because they know he will twist and turn anything they share with him and use it against them. he can't help himself as he is not a well person, mentally.

He is a sad, pathetic person who has no doubt had some trauma in his life, although most likely of his own creation. We all have trauma, hardships and challenges, the secret is how we handle them. Evan tends to stuff things up then run away. Start fresh among people who have no idea who or what he is. Then as once again he muddies the waters, he simply wreaks havoc then packs up and runs away. He has run as far as he can for now, holed up in a small public housing provided apartment in the South of France. Don't think that is a ritzy area where he lives. It is the 'bedroom community' of those who provide the domestic and basic services for the wealthy who live on the coast in the upscale villas. Of course Evan doesn't care, he sends his wife out to supplement his welfare payments working as a cleaner while he spends her hard earned money online, creating ridiculous blogs in his role of 'activist'.

Sad, pathetic, pitiful. He always refers to himself int he third person so that tells you exactly what he thinks of himself.His self-esteem must be so low, despite his braggadocio. Poor man.