Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Evan Iliadis and his trolling friend Jeff Lee Brown Discussed Live

Jeff Lee Brown has become a recent troll to the internet scene and like Evan Iliadis its a life of failure that seems to drive their anger to those that have the life they wish they had.
But also it comes down to not accepting the abuse that they want to put around the web. In Evan's case many of the people he has attacked online were moderators of Living In Cebu Forum.

Jeff Lee Brown has very similar traits and abuse in his tone of attacking people online. What is trivial and not an issue for most people Jeff Lee Brown and Evan Iliadis seem to stew in over a long period of time. In both cases it came down to being banned on forums or unfriended on Facebook.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Evan Iliadis retired?? Not according to his French tax returns.

Evan has always praised himself up as being retired in the Philippines and owning a large piece of farmland (which he legally cannot own and the size of the land isn't actually anywhere near what he states). But pushing that aside he allegedly left the Philippines due to medical reasons.

Is this true or like many things he writes another addition of fiction, reality is Evan Iliadis who is now approaching 70 is not retired he is actually still working full-time. Living in a small 2 bedroom apartment with his wife (Who works as a cleaner) and his son who is a courier.

Someone who promotes themselves as being something of substance cannot even come to terms with his own humble existance as simply someone who scrapes through month to month. Living in a rented apartment in a location of France that is not sought after. A bit like saying you have an amazing place in Monocco when the reality is your living in a caravan servicing local tourists.

I honestly believe this is where his bitterness comes from as he hasn't actually done anything of worth or note. But likes to have the 10ft tall experience that often exists when living in a third world country because you are a foreigner people often think your superior. In Evan's case it seems he can't get away from craving the attention.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Evan Iliadis not only an internet troll but a life of failure.

When this video was originally made very little was known about Evan Iliadis due to well, nobody actually knew him we could find!
But it was a few months ago I was awaiting a work contract to begin that I managed to find a few things about Evan which showed what sort of person he was. Not that I have written or researched anything lately as it was while looking you could see :-

1. His retirement in France - Was a lie as he is still operating as a jobbing builder on his own.
2. The address he gave as his "home" was the same PO Box he uses for his, his wife's and the son's different self employed businesses. The coward couldn't even post his own address yet boasted it.

So what does this tell us? Well for someone who left the Philippines over a decade ago he is still bitter about his failings there. His retirement was a failure in the Philippines and even his Linkedin account boasting export and import business is fake. Its bad enough faking other people's information but he can't even manage to create value in his own.

Reality is that Evan Iliadis is a fraud in the fact he has achieved nothing and instead of taking it on the chin and being a man. He instead targets charities, Philippines expats and businesses in a negative cowardice way. He doesn't approach people in person in fact he hides as a coward. Anything he has said can be proven as false. Even down to every part of his own "boastful" life which are all figments of his imagination.

I will cut this article off here as simply I can't be bothered to take an interest these days in his sillyness. He's only got a few years to go and counting for a day of celebration on his passing.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Evan the builders labourer

It was while looking at Evan's "address" because I was going to pay him a visit it became apparent this "troll" is a typical coward. Boasting an address with come and get me attitude is basically because its a PO Box the address is at the local post office. As expected from a coward he couldn't even post this little bit of information.

But it gets more interesting as he talks about being retired and going for his mountain walks, but Evan why is it we find your still working? Your a construction labourer or should I say jobbing labourer the guy who comes and puts your gate back on, paints the spare room, fixes that broken window.

Sigh.. all this build up about your former business exploits and being an import/export expert and the reality is exactly what we thought! An unskilled worker and certainly not of supervisor status never mind being a business owner! Even if you did own that farm in Bohol (that you legally can't and is legally too big for your wife's family to own, which basically makes us think its actually a government project and you just went along for the day), you know nothing about exporting or anything else. Your life is a complete myth and fantasy, it also explains why that crappy car you loved so much means something to you where everyone else just seen an "old car".

Facts :-

1. Not a business owner but a basic labourer.
2. Never had a business in the Philippines so could never export / import.
3. No photos of merit because no photos exist, because there is nothing of merit.
4. Why he doesn't understand why others achieve things and complains its a "lie" is because Evan's never achieved anything himself and believe's he has a right to complain. If he didn't he would have to admit his life and himself as a failure.
5. His life in France is a cheap social housing apartment costing less than 300 euros a month.
6. HE IS NOT RETIRED - Cannot afford to retired and his business is still registered as operational.
7. Evan's son has followed in the family trait of becoming an unskilled worker, his mother a cleaner, Evan the labourer and the son a courier.
8. Coward colours shown again by giving a fake address to hide, yet we did find his real address and I have visited the location. It is an area of high unemployment and poor quality housing, in the UK we call it social housing.
9. 100% no life as his life revolves around being on the internet. This I have seen in the Philippines with expats with too much time, alcohol and no money to do anything else. EVAN has no money, too much time and bizarrely is obsessed about a country he cannot even afford to live in (the Philippines). Extremely sad individual.
10. His trolling is purely based on other peoples success and him having nothing in life to compare it to in achievements by himself. His whole life including marriage is a sham.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Evagelos Iliadis, Mougins, France - Internet troll - peintre et décorateur, construction ouvrier

Evagelos Iliadis vit à Mougins et tu as Nous avons eu un peu de temps cette semaine nous avons décidé de lui rendre visite . Son soi-disant " entreprise" à Mougins , il n'a encore Promu Certains restaurant, nous découvrons qu'il est en fait seulement un bâtiment ouvrier agiotage . Son Non Même une entreprise , il est littéralement travailler pour lui-même et quand il parle d'être blanc Ses blogs retraite its évident qu'il ne est pas ! Plus important encore, il ne peut pas se permettre de prendre sa retraite, son Fils is juste un courrier Évidemment quelqu'un d'autre en descendant la route d'un individu non qualifié comme son père .

Être dur sur Evan ? En fait, nous ne sommes pas qu'il aime à se plaindre peuples other sous acquis même se il est fait en vertu de mentir sur leur réalisation . La seule personne qu'il ne est pas heureux dans la vie avec est lui-même ! Cette réflexion est le Saami vous trouvez avec de nombreux trolls Internet car ils sont solitaires ayant une faible estime asteem et incapable de trouver un bon emploi ou d'obtenir dans la vie. Profil Evagelos Iliadis et se adapte à son propre bien qu'il la promotion de son adresse comme vivant à Mougins avec code postal complet comme le lâche qu'il est il oublie à son ajouter une boîte aux lettres ! Ce est un empire commercial Enregistrement de fils de l'un au bureau de poste local .

Il renforce le point de le gars est une personne et pourtant choughs concentrer être blanc remarqué. Il renforce le fait qu'il ne est rien obtenu avec sa paroi sexpat faux de honte ou de sa vraie vie réelle . Il est tout simplement un troll Internet et travailleur non qualifié , rien de plus et rien de moins . Quelqu'un qui aime faire Sa vie est bonne mais nous trouver son plein en face . Vivre une vie d ' en France Après avoir vécu un pauvre homme de l'homme pauvre vie s aux Philippines .

Avec la façon dont il la promotion de son temps en Amérique (encore une fois ne pas discuter de ce qu'il fait, propos savait-il que nous ' re Il n'a pas de compétences, il ne peut avoir telles photos de poste, il ne peut pas montrer ce qu'il fait parce qu'il aurait à échecs admis ses propres ).

Renforce le point de tout cela que si ce gars est tracasse vous ne savez pas lui , ce est un lâche qui voulut courir un mile Avec Toute confrontation directe . Un menteur pour les choses qu'il écrit et a la fraude en ligne dans le fait qu'il tente sa vie à vendre en ligne est un faux complètement Appel . Son entreprise est taxé et Reconnu comme peintre et décorateur . Que devez-vous Connectez-vous dire ? Il ne est pas utile de votre temps .

 English :-

Evagelos Iliadis lives in Mougins and as we had a bit of time this week we decided to look him up. His so called "business" in Mougins he promoted as some restaurant yet we find out he's actually just a jobbing construction labourer. Its not even a business he's literally working for himself and when he talks in his blogs about being retired its obvious he isn't! More importantly he can't afford to retire, his son is also just a courier obviously someone else going down the route of an unskilled individual like his father.

Being tough on Evan? actually we aren't he loves to complain about other peoples under achievements even though he's lying about them actually under achieving. The one person he is not happy in life with is himself! That reflection is the same you find with many internet trolls as they are loners with low self asteem and unable to find a good job or get on in life. Evagelos Iliadis fits his own profile and although he promotes his address as living in Mougins complete with postcode as the coward he is he forgets to add its a mailbox! Its a registration of his business empire of 1 at the local post office.

It reinforces the point the guy is a nobody yet craves attention and being noticed. It reinforces the fact he's achieved nothing with his fake sexpat wall of shame or his actual real life. He is simply an internet troll and unskilled worker, nothing more and nothing less. Someone who likes to make out his life is good yet we find its the complete opposite. Living a poor man's life in France after living a poor man's life in the Philippines.

With the way he promotes his time in America (yet again not discussing what he actually did there as we know he has no skill set, as such he can't post photos, he can't show what he does because he would have to admit his own failures).

It all reinforces the point that if this guy is bothering you just ignore him, he's a coward who would run a mile with any direct confrontation. A liar for the stuff he writes online and a fraud in the fact his life he tries to sell online is a completely fake. His business is taxed and recognised as a painter and decorator. What more do you need to say? He's not worth your time.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Evan Iliadis from Mougins France does he have anything better to do than troll the internet?

As we are into year 3 now I thought I would start off with a quick article as we haven't written anything recently. Fact is everyone is busy yet Evan continues to sit at home writing blog nonsense as a full-time occupation while his wife cleans houses for a living. All a bit strange how anyone can take a moral high ground when he doesn't provide for his family but even more so when what he publishes is all fake.

I had the opportunity to go through the things he has published about his life in the last week during some downtime just to see why he thinks his life is so great. The answer is it isn't all I could find is what appears to be someone wishing there was more to his life. The odd random photo with statements such as "In Los Angeles" but no context, no reason for being there. In fact he doesn't talk about his work life as it appears to be the case he has never amounted to anything.

The house in the Philippines made with local materials all appears to be on his wife's family land and very likely her money. Where has Evan actually achieved anything can someone please let me know! As even the stuff he claims so involved in with the Rotary club nobody seems to have any historical connection or physically met Evan.

Yet Evan will rant on with people's corruption, involvement in illegal activities, blah blah blah.. Dummy thrown out of the pram failed expat. He's bitter everyone else has got on with their lives, he is better others are more successful than him. To the point he couldn't even understand my job title never mind what I do for a living. What level of education did Evan complete? He claims to be Greek yet joined the Foreign Legion did he run away from trouble in Greece because he certainly never went back there after returning to Europe from the Philippines.

He can continue to write and stick fake this and fake that, corruption this and prostitution that because nobody believes him. Not because I have to prove anything but simply he rants on that much he actually makes it very obvious he's lying and confused in his own mind.

The funniest thing was posting pictures of me in France then claiming they are fake. The joke here is Evan why would anyone make fake photos? I have to ask you as you do it. Normally people like myself don't we travel and enjoy life while your sitting there I imagine talking to yourself thinking "he's wrote this, he's done that" in some confused mental state.

Well bad news for you Evan is you don't bother me and like everyone else your not of any great interest to anyone. Your site btw has a traffic of 37 hits a day, Tropical Penpals still gets 4 x more than that on a server that is naff and keeps timing out. Because this is another important factor although you assume everything revolves around making money online and trying to damage those revenues. I left it on a server for nearly 2 years because I have more important things to do. I haven't written much on it and simply just starting to move it off that crap webhost that its been sat stagnant on. The difference is here Evan am I bothered about your web rankings? Answer is no, am I interested in Tropical Penpals? Not for some time as its old news my life moved on years ago.

What I will say though is its been good to meet the other people I have in the Philippines, you may be on the list of most screwed up expats in the Philippines history. But there are worse and there are certainly a lot better. But whatever they are like yourself Evan they are not a point of note or interest.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Matt Wilkie on cyber stalker Evan Ilaidis

I originally came across Evan Iliadis over a year ago when I discovered that he had been stalking other Philippines expats. Initially I had a big question mark over his allegations about others which led me to investigate him more.

The more I delved into what Evan Iliadis the more I realised he was not only lying about people but seemed to be directing some anger and hate he had from his experiences on the Philippines islands. This was not because he hated and blamed the people that he writes about directly but because his wife and her family comes from the Bohol island of the Philippines he avoided conflict with people that he does despise. Because they do have the power to make the family life of Evan's wife very difficult or even dangerous.

This frustration led him to move on from targeting people he once befriended and trusted and the same likewise within the Rotary club and instead had to attack innocent expats. His belief is that there is corruption within the Rotary club yet he was managing the project so unsure how there could be corruption if he was the one controlling the project.

At the same time several people have accused Evan Iliadis to be involved in corrupt activities on Bohol which led him to flee the island. If this is true or not your asking the wrong people. Everyone here on this blog do not know Evan directly and only indirectly after he began abusing people online.

One thing I have learned about Evan Iliadis and the internet is that more should be done to protect people from people like Evan. There is not enough protection online and Evan like other cyber stalkers are like a virus. They move on from one person to another spreading their disease, they blame everyone for their problems except themselves and yet like most cyber stalkers he is pretty much unknown to the people he attacks.

The only thread between the people is a simple one they are all Philippines expats from around the globe. Nothing more nothing less, nothing illegal has been going on and like most people living in the Philippines they are living a normal life on a part of the planet they didn't originate from.

For whatever reason Evan Iliadis is targeting expats and as such I would recommend just supporting sites like this with a Google+ or a Facebook like to help promote awareness. People don't deserve this kind of harassment. Evan Iliadis is simply toxic on the internet.