Thursday, September 1, 2016

Evan Iliadis retired?? Not according to his French tax returns.

Evan has always praised himself up as being retired in the Philippines and owning a large piece of farmland (which he legally cannot own and the size of the land isn't actually anywhere near what he states). But pushing that aside he allegedly left the Philippines due to medical reasons.

Is this true or like many things he writes another addition of fiction, reality is Evan Iliadis who is now approaching 70 is not retired he is actually still working full-time. Living in a small 2 bedroom apartment with his wife (Who works as a cleaner) and his son who is a courier.

Someone who promotes themselves as being something of substance cannot even come to terms with his own humble existance as simply someone who scrapes through month to month. Living in a rented apartment in a location of France that is not sought after. A bit like saying you have an amazing place in Monocco when the reality is your living in a caravan servicing local tourists.

I honestly believe this is where his bitterness comes from as he hasn't actually done anything of worth or note. But likes to have the 10ft tall experience that often exists when living in a third world country because you are a foreigner people often think your superior. In Evan's case it seems he can't get away from craving the attention.

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