Saturday, January 3, 2015

Evan Iliadis from Mougins France does he have anything better to do than troll the internet?

As we are into year 3 now I thought I would start off with a quick article as we haven't written anything recently. Fact is everyone is busy yet Evan continues to sit at home writing blog nonsense as a full-time occupation while his wife cleans houses for a living. All a bit strange how anyone can take a moral high ground when he doesn't provide for his family but even more so when what he publishes is all fake.

I had the opportunity to go through the things he has published about his life in the last week during some downtime just to see why he thinks his life is so great. The answer is it isn't all I could find is what appears to be someone wishing there was more to his life. The odd random photo with statements such as "In Los Angeles" but no context, no reason for being there. In fact he doesn't talk about his work life as it appears to be the case he has never amounted to anything.

The house in the Philippines made with local materials all appears to be on his wife's family land and very likely her money. Where has Evan actually achieved anything can someone please let me know! As even the stuff he claims so involved in with the Rotary club nobody seems to have any historical connection or physically met Evan.

Yet Evan will rant on with people's corruption, involvement in illegal activities, blah blah blah.. Dummy thrown out of the pram failed expat. He's bitter everyone else has got on with their lives, he is better others are more successful than him. To the point he couldn't even understand my job title never mind what I do for a living. What level of education did Evan complete? He claims to be Greek yet joined the Foreign Legion did he run away from trouble in Greece because he certainly never went back there after returning to Europe from the Philippines.

He can continue to write and stick fake this and fake that, corruption this and prostitution that because nobody believes him. Not because I have to prove anything but simply he rants on that much he actually makes it very obvious he's lying and confused in his own mind.

The funniest thing was posting pictures of me in France then claiming they are fake. The joke here is Evan why would anyone make fake photos? I have to ask you as you do it. Normally people like myself don't we travel and enjoy life while your sitting there I imagine talking to yourself thinking "he's wrote this, he's done that" in some confused mental state.

Well bad news for you Evan is you don't bother me and like everyone else your not of any great interest to anyone. Your site btw has a traffic of 37 hits a day, Tropical Penpals still gets 4 x more than that on a server that is naff and keeps timing out. Because this is another important factor although you assume everything revolves around making money online and trying to damage those revenues. I left it on a server for nearly 2 years because I have more important things to do. I haven't written much on it and simply just starting to move it off that crap webhost that its been sat stagnant on. The difference is here Evan am I bothered about your web rankings? Answer is no, am I interested in Tropical Penpals? Not for some time as its old news my life moved on years ago.

What I will say though is its been good to meet the other people I have in the Philippines, you may be on the list of most screwed up expats in the Philippines history. But there are worse and there are certainly a lot better. But whatever they are like yourself Evan they are not a point of note or interest.

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