Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Matt Wilkie on cyber stalker Evan Ilaidis

I originally came across Evan Iliadis over a year ago when I discovered that he had been stalking other Philippines expats. Initially I had a big question mark over his allegations about others which led me to investigate him more.

The more I delved into what Evan Iliadis the more I realised he was not only lying about people but seemed to be directing some anger and hate he had from his experiences on the Philippines islands. This was not because he hated and blamed the people that he writes about directly but because his wife and her family comes from the Bohol island of the Philippines he avoided conflict with people that he does despise. Because they do have the power to make the family life of Evan's wife very difficult or even dangerous.

This frustration led him to move on from targeting people he once befriended and trusted and the same likewise within the Rotary club and instead had to attack innocent expats. His belief is that there is corruption within the Rotary club yet he was managing the project so unsure how there could be corruption if he was the one controlling the project.

At the same time several people have accused Evan Iliadis to be involved in corrupt activities on Bohol which led him to flee the island. If this is true or not your asking the wrong people. Everyone here on this blog do not know Evan directly and only indirectly after he began abusing people online.

One thing I have learned about Evan Iliadis and the internet is that more should be done to protect people from people like Evan. There is not enough protection online and Evan like other cyber stalkers are like a virus. They move on from one person to another spreading their disease, they blame everyone for their problems except themselves and yet like most cyber stalkers he is pretty much unknown to the people he attacks.

The only thread between the people is a simple one they are all Philippines expats from around the globe. Nothing more nothing less, nothing illegal has been going on and like most people living in the Philippines they are living a normal life on a part of the planet they didn't originate from.

For whatever reason Evan Iliadis is targeting expats and as such I would recommend just supporting sites like this with a Google+ or a Facebook like to help promote awareness. People don't deserve this kind of harassment. Evan Iliadis is simply toxic on the internet.

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