Friday, January 4, 2013

Perhaps One's Tongue Is Too Firmly In Cheek?

The fact is, Evan Iliadis probably doesn't have any friends. Not real friends as you or I would consider people to be. People we trust and can relax with, share things with. Nobody can trust Evan, or relax around him because they know he will twist and turn anything they share with him and use it against them. he can't help himself as he is not a well person, mentally.

He is a sad, pathetic person who has no doubt had some trauma in his life, although most likely of his own creation. We all have trauma, hardships and challenges, the secret is how we handle them. Evan tends to stuff things up then run away. Start fresh among people who have no idea who or what he is. Then as once again he muddies the waters, he simply wreaks havoc then packs up and runs away. He has run as far as he can for now, holed up in a small public housing provided apartment in the South of France. Don't think that is a ritzy area where he lives. It is the 'bedroom community' of those who provide the domestic and basic services for the wealthy who live on the coast in the upscale villas. Of course Evan doesn't care, he sends his wife out to supplement his welfare payments working as a cleaner while he spends her hard earned money online, creating ridiculous blogs in his role of 'activist'.

Sad, pathetic, pitiful. He always refers to himself int he third person so that tells you exactly what he thinks of himself.His self-esteem must be so low, despite his braggadocio. Poor man.

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