Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tim Potter Speaks About Evan Iliadis

My Only Post about Cyber Stalker Evan Iliadis

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This is the first and only time I will talk about the Cyber Stalker Mr
Evan Iliadis.  I do not know this man a term I use very lightly.  This
man decided to invade the lives of people that live thousands of miles
away.  He has no mission in life with regards to problems that face
the Philippines. His mission in life is that to try and steal
happiness from people.  These people found happiness in the
Philippines a country that he left so many years ago.  I am not sure
as to the reasons he left.  I do know that this has made him bitter.
It has made him resent those that live here successfully and enjoying
life here.
Where did this all start for me.  I was on a forum and disagreed with
his assessment of a situation. He spouted non-factual things about an
individual.  Which were easily disproved.  He would then write about
these things as if they were fact.  I see it this way if you repeat
something to yourself enough then it becomes fact.  Though it only
becomes fact to yourself and no one else. I asked for proof these
claims he made.  Well to say the least there are none. The ones
provided to me were forged or photo shopped.  I would request from the
source the same documents and expose his lies.  He did not like this
and it bruised his delicate ego.  It would then morph into name
calling and then into published websites about me.  All of fiction.
Some of the fiction that he spread are so easily disproved. I am 44
years of age. Though he claims I am in my mid 50's. Claims I never
retired from the Marine Corps. Oddly enough it is exactly what I did
and so easily proven with a DD214. Claims I have a  AIDS or HIV well
not the case and per Marine Corp regulation was tested against it.
These lies continue abound.
He did get one thing correct I started or tried to create an internet
TV program for everyone's viewing.  I sought the help of a few people
to get this off the ground. I made no promises.  The program was
completed yet was very unstable. I spend $3,000 of my own money and
$1,000 dollars of investor money.  Which I returned $300 dollars of.
I do not think there is a person alive that would not take a risk or a
gamble if it was going to be a success.  This was not a situtation of
hit and run.  A product was produced and it just was not of quality to
mass produce.  There was no need for money but a love to share what I
had discovered.
What I find in the end is this is a miserable man with no life.  A man
that has self respect issues and just can not accept his life in the
Philippines was a failure.  So he goes about life trying to compensate
for these things.  Maybe one day he will grow up and be invited to sit
at the Big Boy table.  However his current mental state leads me to
believe otherwise. I do wish him the all the best in his misery.  Yet
at this point I think he is helpless as no one even considers him a
factor.  His senseless ramblings are of a man losing his mind not of a
sound well socially adjusted individual.  I would hope he gets some

The Pictures he Stole:

Tim Potter USMC Marine Corps Sugar Land Texas Tim-Zol
Tim Potter USMC Marine Corps Sugar Land Texas Tim-Zol
Tim Potter USMC Marine Corps Sugar Land Texas Tim-Zol

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  1. Probably the clearest picture of Evan Iliadis I have come across. Difficult to say without feeling when he lies so hard about people.

    Have to admit though having this moron Evan around has quashed some issues between expats as quite simply most people have seen a bigger picture. Adding to that some of the issues people were having revolve round fake accounts, fake information, using other peoples names etc. by Evan to stir up a hornets nest between expats.

    Tables have turned and his dummy is well and truly thrown out of the pushchair. I am glad he has hit 66 and await his death to celebrate. Not that he really bothers me but nice to close the chapter of this miserable man who bothers people. Because I am sure the world will be a better place without him and with his mind pretty much lost would also be doing him a favour.