Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cybertroll Evan Iliadis

Evan Iliadis is a pitiful character.
Bashing upon innocent People while slowly sitting in the waiting Room of GOD.
Estranged from Wife and family he looks back at his Life, and as some others in deep bitterness that his dreams did not materialized.

But what differs him from other elder people is that he aggressively attacks others which seem happier.
This also isn't a new syndrome, it is often observed throughout the history;

The lonely old pensioner on the park bench bitching about the children playing football "forbidden"on the Grass.

The bitter Old lady in the window writing down "parking violators" and calling the Police upon them.

The retired neighbour couple in an apartments block building writing letters to the Owner about the other tenants having "too many parties" or not throwing  their Garbage into the right recycling cans..
I'm alone...can't you see that ?

You follow me... this is exactly what Evan Iliadis is - a lonely bitter person "living out". The only meaning in his life - the chance to be "someone".

Even when in his case , it is just Imagination.

As a Cyber Troll he can pretend to be an "activist", a former 'French Legion hero", a "leader" of an international Group", a"Journalist", and "Exposer" ,a "Freemason" in his Fantasy but mainly actually only a "nuisance".

This is all he has got, his targets and his fantasies. If his Targets would "drop" him, he would be nothing any more and disappear into nothingness...Just as they did in the years before.

Until the next targets come into his Troll Radar. Then he can live again, get exited, connect dots and people, draw conclusions which are so bizarre only an extreme disturbed mind could agree with.....but ....for no audience.

He is just a Troll, and it worked fine for him for a few years, because he got some simple people on his Victim List, which rather gave up then engaging.

....but now his troll career is over.
Too much TRUTH's have been uncovered,to many OBVIOUS falsifications have been exposed and ... he got the wrong Targets. (As he admits himself)
Educated brilliant minds, young and still very active in their life - among them IT specialist, active bloggers, forum owners, REAL activists and popular civic volunteers. Not a good choice, maybe a bite to "large".

Because this Time he got sued and has committed criminal acts, he just don't know it yet. And will never know either.
But he can try and come to the Philippines or USA where the Authorities click the handcuffs on his wrists right at the Airport.
Because his clumsy fraudulent forgeries and perjury statements are real criminal acts.
But he may know that and does not plan to leave his smelly dark 2 bedroom flat anyhow for the rest of his Life.

So Pitiful...

Maybe someone can pass this self help blog to him:

Reducing bitterness, depression and anxiety in geriatric People

Certainly better then keep on being a criminal and getting his family into trouble.

Because his Sons certainly will not like to be connected with him,and his wife one day is also angry of crawling on her knees cleaning other peoples houses, while he is spending hundreds of Dollars for Domains, Websites and other Internet services.

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  1. Interesting point regarding his "wife" as a domestic maid. Because he proclaims how wonderful his life is in France. Yet we have seen the truth with the advertisement for her "services" already.

    Did he ever have money I doubt it although his boasting never ceases. Most disturbing of all when he compares himself to real activists, as those people put their life on the line. Evan Iliadis on the other hand never leaves his grotty little flat and attacks people in countries half way round the world. Who by all means are not even breaking the law! Just random trolling.. pathetic old fart.